What is footgolf?

On the basis of the connection of football and golf originated in the Netherlands in 2008 sport called Footgolf. The default factor for the formation of footgolfu was Willem Korsten, who first reminded of how after the trainings in Tottenham Hotspur some players tried to get the ball out of the pitch to the dressing room with the smallest possible number of kicks.

  • The game is played on golf courses with a soccer ball to the flag into the hole. The hole is different from the golf hole only in size (50-53 cm.).
  • A championship course has 18 holes, but it is a chance to see the course with 9 holes. If necessary, or in case of the official competitions, these holes are going twice.
  • The aim of this game is to get a soccer ball size 4 or 5 to footgolf hole on what at least kicks.
  • After the completion of each hole players write their results to the scorecard and after their round, the results added together.
  • Since this sport is played on golf courses, it is necessary for reasons of safety, before the start of the game to acquaint with basics of behaviour on the golf courses, and of course also with the footgolf rules.


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